Confluence - Creative Directors of Sacramento

An exploration of the graphic arts through the lens of creative directors from Sacramento’s notable marketing agencies

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About the show

Everyday we are surrounded by design, design that instructs, directs, lures, warns or even responds to us. Every day we are affected by packaging, signs, posters, and advertisements that cause us to feel hunger, comfort, prosperity, pride, happiness, or satisfaction. These works, designed by graphic designers are made to influence us. They make us feel something about the brands or products they represent. The graphic designer is bent on inspiring the hope a brand, product, or experience will deliver.


Off Spec - Creative Directors of Sacramento will be an exhibition of original graphic art created by graphic designers working within a common creative framework created for this exhibition, not for the purposes of commerce or cause, but for the purpose creative expression.


This show will serve as a catalyst to bring together those within the Sacramento creative community to demonstrate our collective creative capacity, celebrate regional talent, as well as explore the range of artistic expression capable through graphic design.


Creative Theme:  

Confluence (air, rivers, joining, mixing, combining...)

For our first exhibition, Off Spec will be exploring the theme of confluence. Confluence, by definition means: the junction of two rivers, especially rivers of approximately equal width OR an act or process of merging.

Similarly, this exhibition will serve as a coming together of the community of creative leaders that serve the Sacramento marketing industry. An exploration of all the permutations and implications of confluence is encouraged.  


Venue / Timeframe:  

Tim Collom Gallery - November 7th - 30th, 2017
VIP Preview by - Nov 9th
2nd Saturday - Nov 11th


Costs to participate:  

A $500 donation per represented agency will be collected.



50% Artists  

40% Tim Collom Gallery  

10% DBA Arts  


About DBA Arts: DBA Arts is a Sacramento based nonprofit arts organization that supports a vibrant arts community by acting as a partner, liaison and catalyst for independent art projects and artists. 

DBA Arts serves the community through:

  •  Developing partnerships and ideas that provide, or expand, opportunities for artists and/or art initiatives.
  • Serving as a liaison for artists to the business community, government and/or other organizations.
  • Acting as a catalyst and facilitator to make our region a more vibrant and robust place for art.



The show is an invitation only engagement. Organizers will be curating participants. Targeted participants are Creative Director roles within agencies in the Greater Sacramento Area. Up to three pieces will be solicited from each organization. Pieces may be crafted by various artist within the organization, either individually or as a team.

Participants and art will need to fall into the show guidelines